Sky escalator

rom the observatory parking lot, embark on a unique journey in Japan by transferring between the country’s only Sky Escalator and the highest-altitude third Sky Lift, taking you on a brief excursion to the summit of Mt. Yokote at 2,307 meters above sea level, a realm akin to the sky itself, for approximately 15 minutes.

From the panoramic viewing terrace at the summit, you can behold magnificent vistas of the Northern Alps and the Northern Shingoshita Mountains, and if luck permits, you might catch sight of a sea of clouds, and even glimpse Mt. Fuji and Sado Island.

At the “Nozoki” observatory boasting views of the Northern Alps, you’ll find the cozy atmosphere of the 2307 Sky Cafe, a log cabin-style café where you can savor local delicacies such as bamboo shoot pizza made with bamboo shoots harvested in Shiga Kogen, along with a variety of drinks.

Additionally, at the summit of Mt. Yokote, you can visit the HIGH MOUNTAIN COFFEE & CO “Crumpet Cafe,” specializing in crumpets, the national dish of England, known for their chewy texture from the use of yeast. With a wide range of sweet and savory options, we invite you to indulge in our offerings.