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Activities at Shiga Kogen

Tanohara Wetland - Hiking

Tanohara Wetland is one of the wetland areas in Shiga Kogen, which has been selected as one of Japan's 500 important wetlands. With boardwalks in place, visitors can enjoy plant observation and leisurely walks regardless of the season. Especially recommended is a stroll around June to July when the fluffy white cotton grass blooms abundantly, swaying gently in the breeze, providing a soothing sight. Don't miss the uniquely shaped Mt. Kasagatake visible beyond the boardwalks.

Forest Therapy

"Forest Therapy" is an initiative aimed at scientifically elucidating the effects of "forest bathing" and applying them to promote mental and physical health. The "Forest Therapy Research Society," established through collaboration between industry, government, and academia, conducts research in this field. Based on the results of their research, the "Forest Therapy Implementation Committee" was founded with the aim of promoting practical applications in specific forest environments. Forests that have undergone verification for their healing effects are certified as "Forest Therapy Bases" or "Forest Therapy Roads." In Shiga Kogen, five certified therapy courses have been designated, attracting many visitors throughout the season. In addition to the certified therapy roads, numerous other trails are also maintained, allowing for hiking and mountaineering activities suitable for various skill levels.

Monkey Park

This place is a paradise for monkeys. Since ancient times, a troop of Japanese macaques has been living here in their natural habitat. This park is famous for being the only place in the world where monkeys bathe in hot springs. Please observe the fascinating ecology of Japanese macaques up close.

Pond Tour

One of the most popular trekking courses in Shiga Kogen is the "Pond Tour Course." Starting from the serene Shibuike Pond, where several floating islands drift on the surface, this course takes you through untouched primeval forests where you can admire the majestic views of Mt. Shiga and Mt. Ura-Shiga up close. You'll then explore the Forty-eight Ponds Wetland, which is dotted with around 60 ponds of various sizes. The beautiful Lake Onuma is the largest lake in Shiga Kogen, formed by a river dammed by a lava flow from Mt. Shiga. As you approach, the water surface appears to change from emerald green to cobalt blue, creating a mystical landscape.