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2307m Sky view terrace

2307 meters above sea level, Yoko Yama-Shibutoge Ski Resort is renowned as the highest ski resort in Japan. From its summit terrace, called “Manten View Terrace”, one can enjoy panoramic views of the Shiga Highlands below and the distant Japan Alps. In winter, it offers the unique opportunity to witness the phenomenon of  “juhyo(Snow Monster)” or ice trees, said to be the only occurrence in the Kanto and Chubu regions. In autumn, visitors are captivated by the dynamic sea of clouds and the beauty of the autumn foliage. The highlight of this location, Manten View Terrace, lies in the breathtaking beauty of the starry sky. Under the clear air, one can experience the Milky Way and the shimmering star-filled sky. The restaurant “Crumpet” also operates in accordance with the ski lift’s operating hours. Please make sure to take advantage of it.

Access to Sky view terrace

In the summer season, the Sky-esscalator is recommended.

From the Yokote Yama Restaurant "Nozoki" viewpoint, take the Sky escalator to the third Sky Lift, and from Shibutoge, take the Shibutoge Romance Lift to reach the "Sky View Terrace".

In the winter season, enjoy the panoramic views while riding the lifts

From the Yokote-yama ski resort, you can access the "Sky View Terrace" via the third Sky Lift, and from Shibutoge, via the Shibutoge Romance Lift. The restaurant "Cranpet" also operates during the winter season.

Restaurant crumpet

Crumpets, beloved in Britain as a breakfast or snack, are a popular menu item at the restaurant “Crumpet” here at Sky View Terrace. Freshly baked every morning, crumpets have a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior, akin to pancakes. There’s also a wide variety of toppings available, including local Shinano Sweet apples from Yamanouchi.

The deliciousness of freshly made

Challenging the art of bread baking at an altitude of 2307 meters was said to be difficult. However, through trial and error, we discovered the perfect baking technique, achieving the deliciousness of freshly made bread.